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This is to express my appreciation to all people and aliens in the world.

Thank you for doing the best as you can and thank you for being an amazing life form.

If you have goals, make it happen.

Be determined, believe in yourself and go for it.

Don’t allow any partner to judge what you're capable of, how beautiful you are, how amazing you are, and how smart you are. 

You don’t need anybody’s approval.

You KNOW who you are.

You don’t need status, labels, or a number of likes on social media to remind you who you are.

Believe in yourself even when you feel like you’re a big mess. 

You deserve your love more than anything else in the world.

Keep moving forward in spirit when you feel you can’t move any further because of too much pain.

This is why it’s important for us to shout out to everyone and say:


Let's MAJI de SHINKA-ing together. (Let's revolutionize together in Jap-English)

This brand demonstrates how to express yourself in a unique way to remind you once again that you’re worth showing off how amazing you are.

Please find your mission in life and live it to the fullest.

When you wear our merchandise, we remind ourselves together of the treasure beneath us and our shine from the inside to beam it through and bring joy and happiness to the world. 


MAJI = For Real 

SHINKA = Revolution 

This is the MAJI SHINKA MOVEMENT to make every moment of your life be the fullest with joy, regardless of the circumstance you're in.