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About Designer (MINIxWAS)


Illustrator/ Rapper/ CEO: MINIxWAS (ミニワス)

MINIxWAS is the shorten name for MINI WASABI.  

She may be 4"11, but got some kick & original "spice" in both personality & apparel style like WASABI, which is usually eaten with SUSHI to balance its taste.

Wasabi has antimicrobial properties which may have safeguarded sushi eaters. 

MINIxWAS transforms Japanese culture & art to the next level.  

She is a Japanese illustrator / rapper/ CEO Of the company, MAJISHINKA. 

Born/Raised in Japan, she came to US to study. Earned BA of Business & MSA of Fashion Merchandising, she created online store during Pandemic, 2020. 

Proud "Asian" business owner wants to promote own heritage of Japanese culture & art through her original artworks.  

She has own YouTube Channels of MAJISHINKA (Apparel/ Illustration) to explain story of each character, living in MAJI KYUN WORLD. 


"MINIxWAS" has released 2 songs and has few music videos. 

Artist info & music videos can be found below: 

  • Website:
  • YouTube: